[Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfic] Wild at Heart…Continued

*Note: Takes place right after Willow and Oz’s breakup in Wild at Heart (Season 4, Episode 6). What if the scene didn’t end there? What if Willow stopped Oz before he drove away? Would she be able to convince him to stay? Or maybe…convince him to let her leave with him?

Willow ran out of Oz’s room, ignoring Devon’s startled shout as the two nearly collided in the hallway. Her tears blurred her vision, but she had long memorized the layout of Oz’s off-campus house. Sprinting through the hallway, she pivoted at the staircase and zoomed down the stairs without losing speed. Her thoughts raced with her. He better not have left yet. If he was going to break her heart, then he should at least let her yell at him before leaving with the pieces.

She threw the front door open. Oz’s blue van slowly pulled away from the curb, and Willow screamed out. “DANIEL OSBOURNE!”

The van jerked to a sudden stop. Panting, Willow marched up to it.

From the driver’s side, Oz stared at her. “You’ve never called me by my full name.”

“Yeah, well, you’ve never done anything ridiculously stupid enough to warrant my calling you your full name, until now.”


“No!” Willow snapped. “You said I don’t get a say in you leaving. Fine. But then you don’t get to leave without me yelling at you! Because you are not the only one in this relationship! You are not the only one losing someone”—Willow’s voice cracked—”someone you love. You let me yell at you, Daniel Osbourne. You owe me that.”

Oz’s lips turned up into the faintest smile. “I suppose that’s fair.”

“Right. Yes, it is. Fair.” Willow scrunched her expression into her Resolve Face and looked right into her boyfriend’s—or was it already ex-boyfriend now—inscrutable expression. Oz’s green eyes, of which she spent the past two years memorizing every viridescent hue, waited patiently for her. He had always been patient with her, had always found her in the crowd and made her feel seen, had—oh, no. Willow’s Resolve Face slipped a bit and she quickly shook those thoughts out of her head. This was her time to yell at him! Rage and fury!

“Are you…yelling at me in your head?” Oz asked. “Which then makes one wonder: how would the other person know if you’re done yelling at them?”

“No, I’m yelling at you out loud!” Frustration boiled over Willow at Oz’s stoicism. Was she the only one hurting here? She glared at him through a fresh wave of tears. “You once told me losing me was worse than losing an arm, that it was like losing a torso. Do you remember saying that, you jerk? The way I feel right now…it’s worse than losing a torso! And both my arms! It’s like losing my brain and my heart, although I guess if I’m losing my torso, I’m automatically losing my heart, so that’s redundant—”

Willow shook her head to get herself back on track. “Point is, this hurts! A lot! Because I love you! Because you were nice and funny and delightfully eccentric! Because you gave me a witch Pez and I still haven’t found a werewolf Pez to match it yet! Because you saw me and believed I was special before I believed it myself, but now I do believe it! Because of you! You think you can just come in here with your stupid guitar and your stupid witty one-liners and make me more confident and—and happy and then just leave? What—because you’re a werewolf so you’re too dangerous to be around me? My best friend is Buffy! Remember her? The vampire slayer? You think you’re more dangerous than the time Buffy’s vampire boyfriend lost his soul and went on a murderous rampage? You think you’re more dangerous than Mayor Wilkins? Remember him? Turned into a giant snake demon last year and tried to eat us all? Get over yourself, Oz!”

“It’s not that simple—”

“Still yelling here!” Willow yelled. “Look, I get where you’re coming from. I’m not blind. I didn’t care that you were a werewolf when we first started dating and I don’t care now, but I can see that it’s been harder for you lately to live with it. It’s not enough anymore to just lock yourself up three nights every month when you change. The wolf is—is bleeding into the rest of you. Like you said, you don’t know where the line is between you and the wolf, and you need to figure it out. I agree with you.”

“So…” Oz said hesitantly.

“So, I’m saying, I get it.” Willow sighed, the fury and rage drained out of her now, though her heart was still pumping like shards of glass were embedded in it. “Are you sure you can’t figure that out here? With me and the rest of the gang and Giles’s books? I’m sure there’s research into the werewolf condition.”

“No, I don’t trust myself around people right now. I don’t want to hurt anyone else.”

“You know, in a court of law, I’m pretty sure killing Veruca falls under ‘defense of others’, which is basically ‘self-defense’ but for other people, since she was about to kill me,” said Willow. “And she was wolfing out too.”

“I don’t think werewolves get to go to court,” said Oz with another one of his faint smiles.

“We’ll figure this out together,” Willow whispered. “You can stay.”

Oz gripped the steering wheel tightly as Willow’s eyes pleaded with his. He shut his own eyes, turned the key in the ignition, and started the engine. “I can’t.”

“Then, I’m coming with you.” Willow dashed around his van and jumped into the passenger seat before Oz opened his eyes again.

What? No.

“I don’t get a say in you leaving. You don’t get a say in me going with you.”

“Willow, think about this. I don’t know how far I have to go or how long this will take and until then, I might lose control. What if I hurt you? What if I kill—” Oz stopped abruptly. “No.”

“I’m a grown woman, Oz. I can make my own decisions. Besides, I’m not defenseless. I know protection spells. I can continue practicing magic on the road, while learning about the wolf with you.” Willow put her Resolve Face back on and pointed to it. “You see this?”

“Don’t give me your Resolve Face again.” Oz gripped the steering wheel so tight, his knuckles were turning white. “Willow, please. I can’t stand the thought of hurting you. I can’t.”

Willow reached out to clasp his hand. She gently pried his fingers off the steering wheel and intertwined her own fingers through his. “Then, why are you leaving me behind?”

Oz made a half-hearted effort to pull his hand away from Willow’s. Softly, he asked, “what about college?”

“Well, I don’t know if you remember, but I’m kind of really smart. I got into Harvard and M.I.T. and Oxford.”

“I remember.” Oz chuckled so quietly Willow almost missed it.

“I can manage to take a semester off or a year off or however long it takes, and come back later,” said Willow.

“What about your family and your friends?”

“What about your family and your friends?” Willow countered. “What’s Devon supposed to do with the band now that his lead guitarist will be MIA?”

“I’m sure he’ll find someone to replace me.”

“Right. Because you’re so easily replaceable.”

“Well, you don’t have anything packed.”

“Then, go with me to my dorm and I’ll pack my essentials,” Willow replied. “And not that I’m keeping score or anything, but I believe that’s three of my counters to three of your arguments. You want to keep going?”

Oz finally smiled. “I can tell by your Resolve Face you’ve made up your mind.”

“So…does this mean I can hug you now?” Willow asked. “You know, if you think you won’t go wolfy on me in the middle?”

“Yeah, I think I can hold it together.” Oz reached over to hug Willow and sighed as she fit perfectly into his arms. He gently held the back of her head with one hand while his other arm gripped her tighter, as if he no longer had the strength to let her go again. “Are you sure about this? Really sure?”

“Yes,” Willow whispered into his ear. “Really, really sure.”

Oz released Willow and kissed her on her forehead. “Then, first stop is your dorm.”

Willow and Oz are my favorite couple on the show and although I think Willow and Tara have a beautiful love story too, my fangirl heart will always lie with Oz first and foremost. So, I turned to fanfiction and wrote my own version/continuation of Willow and Oz’s breakup scene, because in my fangirl heart, they lived happily ever after.

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