About Jade M. Wong

PictureWho’s Jade? 

Jade M. Wong is the pseudonym of real-life writer, fangirl, and struggling human. Armed with an NYC-infused childhood and dominant fangirl genes, Jade naturally stays up most nights until 4am battling inconvenient words and fantastical stories.

Jade is a proud Ravenclaw (and according to Pottermore, also a Horned Serpent), has fond memories of traveling in the TARDIS with Nine, regularly meets for tea and mysteries at 221B Baker Street, rides in the Impala with Sam and Dean, is firmly of the belief that she is related to Agent Melinda May, and looks forward to the day Gandalf knocks on her door to take her on an adventure. Jade also prides herself on her ability to marathon whole seasons of TV shows in mere days (it’s a legitimate skill!).

Why Write?

Jade writes because turning herself into words on a page and learning where she needs to revise and where she’s not doing so badly, that’s her medicine for, well, everything (see: Muse, Are You Reading This?). 

Where is Jade?

If Jade were a gazillionaire, she wouldn’t buy a mansion, just cozy apartments in every city she loves. In the meantime, she’s making do with cozy corners across the internet-sphere.

Visitors are always welcome. Visitors who come bearing sushi are even more so.

Twitter: JadeMWong 

Instagram: JadeMWong 

Fanfiction: JadeMWong 


118 thoughts on “About Jade M. Wong

    1. Aww well it’s lovely to meet you Phoebe! And hmm…I think, the best advice I can give you is to let your personality shine on your about page. Let your sense of humor out, whether it’s quirky or sarcastic, and simply be yourself 🙂

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