About Jade M. Wong


So, Who’s Jade?

Jade M. Wong is the pseudonym of real-life writer, fangirl, and struggling human (see: tagline). Armed with an NYC-infused childhood and dominant fangirl genes, Jade naturally stays up most nights until 4am battling inconvenient words and fantastical stories.

Why Write?

Jade writes because turning herself into words on a page and learning where she needs to revise and where she’s not doing so badly, that’s her medicine for, well, everything.

Jade’s Other Corners

If Jade were a gazillionaire, she wouldn’t buy a mansion, just cozy apartments in every city she loves. In the meantime, she’s making do with cozy corners across the internet-sphere.

Visitors are always welcome. Visitors who come bearing pizza are even more so.

Twitter: JadeMWong ~> Dedicated to having her thoughts be ignored by more people than she ever thought possible.

Instagram: JadeMWong ~> Dedicated to stalking admiring fellow Instagrammers. Instagram-homies? Instagram-sters?

Fanfiction: JadeMWong ~> Dedicated to letting her inner fangirl go wild with her fantasies.

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