[Poetry] What We Could Be

He could be the reason I learn to love mornings,
The way the sun plays with the shadows,
The way he smiles when I open my eyes.

I could be the reason he stays up all night,
The way the moon lights up our dance floor,
The way we laugh until sunrise.

We could be each other’s first,
First love that endures past tomorrow.
We could be the happy ending,
But now we’ll never know.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] What We Could Be”

[Flash Fiction] Fame, Fortune, and Empty Hearts

“But why me?” The words hovered over them, each letter holding its breath for his response.

He sat across from her at her kitchen counter, dressed incognito as always. His black sweatshirt covered his tattoos and the hood covered his platinum blond hair. Where did he begin to find his own words to answer her? Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Fame, Fortune, and Empty Hearts”

What Happens Now?


My little boy looked at me and I wondered how a nine-year-old could have galaxies in his eyes.

“Momma,” he whispered and I shushed him, hugging him to my chest. I caressed the soft mocha skin of his cheek.

“It’ll be alright, little one. Nothing will happen to you.” Was that true?

I didn’t know. All I knew was the love I saw in my little boy’s eyes and the lengths I would go to protect it.  Continue reading “What Happens Now?”