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Master TV Show Marathoner + Aspiring Author Dreams = Late Night Fanfiction Writer.

Fandoms Covered: Harry Potter, Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

All my fanfiction can be read at my cozy fanfiction corner here. Below is a list of all the fanfiction I’ve published thus far, ordered by fandom, with each story’s individual links. If a story intrigues you, I hope you’ll give it a read! All my fanfiction are oneshots.

Harry Potter

  • After All This Time? Always ~> Four friends from Four Houses get together to mourn the death of the bravest man they ever knew. Written in memory of Alan Rickman.
  • Weasley’s Work Woes ~> Arthur Weasley’s son, Ronald, often refers to his Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office as the most boring department in the Ministry, but Arthur and his assistant Perkins know it’s always an exciting day going to work. This work day in particular revolved around a giant rubber duck, a secluded lake, and lots of frazzled hair.


  • The Prank War ~> Dean starts one of the brothers’ notorious prank wars and Sam takes it up a notch by doing something he had respectfully avoided doing up until now: he involved Baby. Silly Slice of Life.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Wild at Heart (Continued) ~> Takes place right after Willow and Oz’s breakup in Wild at Heart (Season 4, episode 6). What if the scene didn’t end there? What if Willow stopped Oz before he drove away? Would she be able to convince him to stay? Or maybe…convince him to let her leave with him?