Pretty Awards & Shiny Things

Blog nominations are adored & welcomed. I write one gif-tastic post for each type of award, and I link to every blogger who nominates me for that award below.

Spreading the Love & Support.

~ Big Dreams (aka The Black Cat Blue Sea Award) // Nominator: Michael,


~ Special Guest: Cookie Monster (aka The Versatile Blogger Award) // Nominator: Ally


Sailboats & Bubble Tea (aka The Entertainer Blogger Award) // Nominator: Bookish Girl In A Boring World.


Say Whaaat? (aka The One Lovely Blog Award) // Nominator: schlee93, Fernanda, The Ink Owl,  

lovely-blog 1

Rule-breaking (aka The Liebster Blog Award) // Nominators: FloodingAugust, Awkward Babble, Chadddelra, April, Roderick Wills, Xandra Nelson, Angie Sim,


Because Baymax (aka The Very Inspiring Blogger Award) // Nominator: dreamergirl.

very inspiring blogger award

~ The Muse Takes Over (aka The Sunshine Blogger Award) // Nominator: Angela Campbell


~ Epically Awesome Award for Epic Awesomeness // Nominator: Felicia.

epic awesome award

Dragon’s Loyalty Award // Nominator: Fernanda.


Blogger Recognition Award // Nominator: KashafS, TheLivingMe, Midnightexpressions,

blogger recognition award.png