[Poetry] Moonlit Love

One cannot find love in a cramped ballroom
So I go where wine flows plentifully,
Amidst the talks, a whiff of your perfume,
Shall we gamble? You take my hand and we
Dance away, O Love, let me take command
For our destiny was sewn in the stars.
You are my goddess and I, as your man,
Adore the form of you and all you are.
Shall we bask in the moonlight, skin to skin
Whilst the bedsheets tangle around our feet
Until your perfume permeates within
Every inch of my chambers, soft and sweet?
O my love, you may believe me crazy
But I am enamored with your body.

© Jade M. Wong 2017 Continue reading “[Poetry] Moonlit Love”

[Poetry] Broken Bricks

The first brick

The moment
You said hello

The second brick

The warmth
In your pale eyes

The third brick

Your hand cold
Like the thrill
Of the first snow
Catching my fingers
By surprise.

And now, I’ve lost count
Of the broken bricks
Of a sky-high wall
Lost in
A breathtaking

© Jade M. Wong 2017 Continue reading “[Poetry] Broken Bricks”

[Flash Fiction] Live To Play Another Day

The woman looped the necklace around her neck, wincing as the cold pearls touched her skin. The blue sapphire pendant glowed just as coldly. It was time.

Her husband sat at the piano, dressed in his Sunday best. Next to him sat the little girl, choosing the evening’s song. She had their daughter’s sunny curls and voice like wind-chimes, but she was not their daughter.

“Let’s play Satie’s Gymnopedies today,” the little girl said. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Live To Play Another Day”

[Flash Fiction] Cupid’s Park

I fell so deeply for you, my love,
For you were my angel, sent from above.

A couplet adorned the entrance, inviting visitors to Cupid’s Park. Bright green vines hugged the stone pillars on either side. Winding paths and arching trees presented vibrant roses with colors so striking, everyone whispered of magic. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Cupid’s Park”

[Criminal Minds Fanfic] My Definition of Gorgeous

“I’ll never understand how you chose Brainy Baby Boy Spencer Reid over Hunky Dark Chocolate Derek Morgan.” My sister shook her head as she removed the curlers from my hair.

“Way to objectify, Lyds.”

“I’m just saying,” Lydia continued, running a hand of hair gel through the waves that now cascaded down my back. “Morgan is gorgeous. Like Sculpted Adonis Be-Still-My-Heart-And-His-Fitted-Tshirts gorgeous. Reid…he’s more Puppy Dog Cute, if the puppy dog liked sweater vests and messenger bags.” Continue reading “[Criminal Minds Fanfic] My Definition of Gorgeous”

[Poetry] His Song

The drums were his voice,
Calm waves by the seaside
The piano was the way he’d
Always defend me with pride
The violin was the first time
He leaned in to kiss me
But my favorite part about his song
Was how it played for eternity.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] His Song”

[Flash Fiction] Guardian Angel

Watching her writhing limbs, I knew every second counted when I plunged my arm through her stomach. A startled gasp left her lips as my iciness collided with her warmth. Squeezing the poison out, I sighed with relief as life poured rosy hues back into her cheeks. Her unsteady gaze took a minute to focus and when her eyes widened, I knew she was seeing the dazzling lights and my glowing white robes.

“Who…you?” The words tumbled out in a raspy breath. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Guardian Angel”

[Poetry] A Life Lesson

They say people don’t change.

But I’ve learned that sometimes, people do change,
And sometimes, they don’t change back
And sometimes, you have to move on,
Because you can’t spend your life waiting for them to change back,

Sometimes, the only thing you can do
Is pick up the memories you once shared
And make something beautiful out of them.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] A Life Lesson”

[Poetry] SUSHI

She was the only one who
Understood why it was my favorite food.
She alone knew the role the little rolls played,
How they healed me and convinced me to stay.
If only you cared the same way.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Went Acrostic for Day 6 of NaPoWriMo. Prompt was food, and now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a sushi and sashimi plate calling my name.

Weekend Coffee Share: Teal Highlights & Baby Thor

You: You ordered a milk tea? Really? You might as well just order a latte.

Me: A latte? Really? You might as well just order milk tea.

You: Touché. So, excited for April?

Me: April’s scary. The weather warms up. There’s the pressure of having results from the New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone feels like they have something to prove.

You: Like that girl paying for her coffee? Wrinkle-free pantsuit, 5 inch pumps, hair pulled back in an immaculate bun and those gorgeous teal highlights. What’s she trying to prove? Continue reading “Weekend Coffee Share: Teal Highlights & Baby Thor”

[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] “I Sense Colors In You…”

“I sense colors in you. They’re strong and beautiful…and sad. I wondered what your colors were for a long time. They’re the colors of the sunset…the blazing shades of a sunset that burn just before the darkness sets in.”

-Kira, MARS by Fuyumi Soryo

This week’s Writer’s Quote is taken from a Manga series called MARS, which remains to this day one of my favorites. Not sure how many fellow bloggers out there read manga or are familiar with this series, but as this quote indicates, it’s a story about pain, beauty, art, and growth.

I always find myself coming back to this quote in particular. Why? Because this quote reminds me of the light and the darkness that plagues our everyday lives. And this quote reminds me that there is still brilliant beauty in all that pain. That being strong doesn’t mean nothing hurts you, rather, being strong means you feel every ounce of that pain but you don’t let the darkness put out your light. Continue reading “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] “I Sense Colors In You…””

[Flash Fiction] When You’re Stuck In Life

We don’t particularly like this sidewalk. The concrete floors get in the way of our roots and the black gates shut us out from the sun’s nourishing rays. Life, however, is about being stuck somewhere you never asked to be stuck in and making the best of it.

Some people make it a little harder to be positive, like the naughty child who marched up to me this morning and ripped off a leaf from my stem. I flinched in pain, which I knew looked like I was swaying in a random breeze. Nobody knew it hurt when they plucked off our leaves or petals because they never saw our pain. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] When You’re Stuck In Life”