Re-Introducing Me

For years, I’ve hidden behind the pseudonym of Jade M. Wong and the profile picture of an anime girl. I’ll still be using the pseudonym, but I’m ready to stop hiding.

To my blogging friends, my readers, and the whole wide world, are you listening? Can you see me? I’m re-introducing myself. Continue reading “Re-Introducing Me”

[Poetry] The Book of Shadows

Another demon, another day
Will evil ever stay away?
Look, another demon’s trying to steal me,
Whee! There I go, flying away.
Surely by now these demons realize
That even if they try a thousand times
I’ll always protect myself from evil
And yet they always seem so surprised. Continue reading “[Poetry] The Book of Shadows”

Say Whaaat? (aka One Lovely Blog Award)

It’s come to my attention that schlee93 has nominated my blog for the One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you, schlee93, very much! It seems this is both of our first nominations so congratulations to you too!


Now onwards to the nitty-gritty rules and guidelines: Continue reading “Say Whaaat? (aka One Lovely Blog Award)”