[Flash Fiction] Brotherly Bonding

“Left…left…left, right,” Daniel chanted like a drill sergeant as he and his younger brother diligently pedaled their two-seater bicycle up and down the park trail.

“Shut…shut…shut up,” Derrick mocked. “Man, this is so embarrassing.”

“Which is why I want us to finish our laps before anyone we know sees us,” Daniel retorted over his shoulder. “So stop your lazy-hole whining and pedal.”

“Why don’t you fix your pretentious face first?” Derrick shot back. “It’s your fault mom’s making us do this stupid bike thing anyway!” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Brotherly Bonding”


[Short Story] Fighter. Protector. Teddy.


The first few days, I was super excited. They told me, a teddy like me would be picked in no time. I had all the qualities of a great teddy too: soft brown fur, plush cottony underbelly, and the heart of a fighter. I knew any kid out there would be lucky to have me. That’s what they said.

After the first few weeks, they said not to worry, because the best teddies always get picked last. I wasn’t worried. I knew I would get picked soon. I could feel it in my seams.

After the first few months, I stopped feeling it. I saw a lot of good teddies get picked up off the shelves, given a nod of approval, and taken home to the kids they’d protect no matter what. It’ll be your turn soon, they said.

I don’t know when I stopped counting, but eventually I just spent my time, slumped on the shelf. All it took was a little leaning back, a little feeling of hopelessness, and ta-da, one teddy slumped at the back of the shelf, away from all eyes of rejection. Continue reading “[Short Story] Fighter. Protector. Teddy.”

[Poetry] The Beginnings of a Story

Brimming with ideas
But the page was blank
Words floated to the surface
Then once more, they sank
A twitch of the pen
A spark in the mind
And the words flew free
Leaving doubt behind
Once an empty page
Now painted with glory
And brimming with
The beginnings of a story.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] The Beginnings of a Story”

[Flash Fiction] When You Bring Your Nephews On A Mission

“Look! A marble!”

“There’s no marbles in outer space, you dimwit! Let me see!”

“No, I got here first!”

The aliens struggled over the luminescent telescope, their long tentacles clasped over the device, pulling this way, then that way.

“Get off!”

“Make me!” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] When You Bring Your Nephews On A Mission”

[Flash Fiction] The Answer Is Always Yes

“Peek-a-boo, hide-and-seek,
Past the cypress tree, down the creek,
Chrysanthemums will mark the gate,
Would you like to join our playdate?”

“A playdate? Sounds fun! Will there be cookies?”

“No cookies for breakfast, Emmi. Go wash up, now.”

“Okay, mummy,” Emmi giggled, taking the stairs two at a time, her auburn curls escaping from her ponytail with every skip. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Answer Is Always Yes”

[Flash Fiction] Timber!

“Now, I want this to be a peaceful family vacation, you hear me?”

They nodded their heads dutifully under their mother’s take-no-prisoners stare.

“I want to leave this beach exactly the way we arrived. Understood?”

They nodded again, their eyes cast downward.

“Okay, go play. Don’t forget to stay on this side of the rocks!” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Timber!”

[Flash Fiction] The Last Two Occupants

A loud whoosh rattled the derelict hut as strong gusts spit out two boys, tumbling over each other in incoherent shouts.



The tangle of limbs separated and two pairs of eyes scanned their new surroundings. Grimy rags hung on metal rafters and mismatched books lined the walls. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Last Two Occupants”

[Flash Fiction] The Little Girl in the Back Seat

I’m sure that the little girl in that back seat was signing us…can you speed up a little bit?”

Devan rolled his eyes, but complied, edging closer to the boxy car in front.

“She’s spelling something.”

Devan started to reply with something along the lines of ‘you’re being paranoid, bro’, but stopped short when he saw the wide-eyed girl staring at him through the back window, feverishly moving her hands. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Little Girl in the Back Seat”

[Flash Fiction] No Trespassing

“I don’t see a ‘No Trespassing’ sign, ergo, we can trespass, right?”

The boys peeked through the castle doors and found themselves staring at arched windows and wooden floors that curiously still held a shine to them.

“What is that?” One of the boys pointed to an open book on the floor that looked like a geometry textbook gone wrong. He touched the mismatched shapes, and was yanked inside. “Wh-Help!” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] No Trespassing”

[Flash Fiction] Day 21

I know it’s only been three weeks, but I swear I can still feel you kicking inside me. The doctor said writing in a journal would help, but it doesn’t. It doesn’t help knowing that my own body rejected you. You were my precious baby girl, who was supposed to grow up with springy little curls, curious hazel eyes, and all the energy of a small tornado.

The doctor said it was a tragic accident, but there are no accidents. The doctor said time would make it easier, but that’s a lie too. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Day 21”