[Flash Fiction] Blue Fire

First, the fire burned a steel gray, like the cold unrelenting metal around her finger.

Then, the fire turned to amber—not the warm golden that comforted her in Autumn, but a dark rusty yellow that made her think of factories, long abandoned.

Slowly, the fire glowed a rich crimson, until she could feel the heat emanating from its core and threatening to sear her skin. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Blue Fire”

[Poetry] Their Colors

As red as a wildfire, impossible to tame,
Or the curve of her lips when she whispered his name.

As blue as the ocean, calm and composed,
Or her eyes when he confessed he needed her most.

As purple as the amethyst hugging her finger,
On the day they promised each other forever.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] Their Colors”

[Flash Fiction] The Harmless Volcano

They believed the volcano to be extinct. They thought it was harmless, and welcomed the building of a city beneath it and the planting of crops on the fertile red volcanic soil.   

The day they heard the low drumming, steady and rhythmic under their feet, they wondered if they should leave their city.

“But the volcano will not erupt,” they reassured each other. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Harmless Volcano”

[Poetry] Blue

Our love was blue,
Like the blue of his eyes
Like the tears that fell
When we waved goodbye.

Our love was blue,
Like the blue of the oceans
Like the way our hearts
Unraveled in slow motion.

Our love was blue,
Like the blue of sapphires
Like the sky that burned
After we lit the fire.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] Blue”

[Flash Fiction] When You Bring Your Nephews On A Mission

“Look! A marble!”

“There’s no marbles in outer space, you dimwit! Let me see!”

“No, I got here first!”

The aliens struggled over the luminescent telescope, their long tentacles clasped over the device, pulling this way, then that way.

“Get off!”

“Make me!” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] When You Bring Your Nephews On A Mission”

[Flash Fiction] Fit For A Fairy

“Blend in, they say.” A graceful flick of her wrist and a vine of bright green leaves slid down the brick wall.

“Don’t attract attention, they say.” Another flick and vines of maroon and scarlet followed, entwining playfully around each other.

“Well, I say, the bolder the better!” She raised her hands high above her in a final hurrah and leaves of brilliant gold and violet scurried down the walls of the little house, weaving through each other in a colorful mosaic. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Fit For A Fairy”