[Poetry] The 100th Day

1st day was screaming in a soundproof room-
Buried alive in my silent tomb.
2nd day was setting the world on fire-
Burning the memories stacked on a pyre.
3rd day was floating with nowhere to go-
In a crimson river as cold as snow.

100th day-
I’m starting to feel okay.

© Jade M. Wong 2017 Continue reading “[Poetry] The 100th Day”

[Flash Fiction] Fame, Fortune, and Empty Hearts

“But why me?” The words hovered over them, each letter holding its breath for his response.

He sat across from her at her kitchen counter, dressed incognito as always. His black sweatshirt covered his tattoos and the hood covered his platinum blond hair. Where did he begin to find his own words to answer her? Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Fame, Fortune, and Empty Hearts”

[Poetry] The Rockstar

The price I paid for this life I live
For the fame and the fans screaming my name
Is a shadow beside me no one can see
That whispers of terror and never sleeps
Because the price I paid for the star-studded days
Is to walk with darkness for now and always. 

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] The Rockstar”

[Flash Fiction] Almost Lovers

Her feet were dangling over the side of the bridge, tapping the sturdy bricks to a tune only she could hear. An intricate braid hung down her back, strands of black interwoven with lilac. She wore a lavender dress with lacy hems that flowed to her knees and accentuated the color in her hair.

She was a violet vision and I couldn’t look away. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Almost Lovers”

[Poetry] A Muse In A Dark Place

For many days, my pen lay still,
Broken of hope, broken of will,
The ink ran dry, the page lay bare,
As blank as my reflection’s stare.
In the dark, they started to perish,
My art that I had so long cherished,
But as I lay there in the void,
I slowly returned what had been destroyed.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] A Muse In A Dark Place”

[Flash Fiction] Guardian Angel

Watching her writhing limbs, I knew every second counted when I plunged my arm through her stomach. A startled gasp left her lips as my iciness collided with her warmth. Squeezing the poison out, I sighed with relief as life poured rosy hues back into her cheeks. Her unsteady gaze took a minute to focus and when her eyes widened, I knew she was seeing the dazzling lights and my glowing white robes.

“Who…you?” The words tumbled out in a raspy breath. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Guardian Angel”