[Poetry] An Elegy For Them

This poem…

Is for the child
Sprinting through the crimson streets
Tripping over the last breaths
Of her father

For the mother
Protecting her babies’ ears
From the piercing shrieks that echo
Long after the ashes settle Continue reading “[Poetry] An Elegy For Them”

[Poetry] True Power

They thought they were the powerful ones
Wielding metal without mercy
Brandishing fire that burned.

Then the smoke cleared and the weapons fell
They clawed for air that wasn’t there
Oh, how the tables have turned.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] True Power”

[Flash Fiction] The Harmless Volcano

They believed the volcano to be extinct. They thought it was harmless, and welcomed the building of a city beneath it and the planting of crops on the fertile red volcanic soil.   

The day they heard the low drumming, steady and rhythmic under their feet, they wondered if they should leave their city.

“But the volcano will not erupt,” they reassured each other. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Harmless Volcano”

The Purge: A 26-Word Microstory

Thick green globs of algae slithered across the earth, determined to suffocate all human life.

“Years of thievery, destruction, now we’re trapped. Earth is purging herself.”

© Jade M. Wong 2016

In this photo taken Wednesday, July 3, 2013, a Chinese tourist covers himself with seaweed on a beach plagued by an algae bloom in Qingdao in eastern China's Shandong province. (AP Photo) CHINA OUTSubmission to Grammar Ghoul’s Shapeshifting 13 #50. Word Count: exactly 26 words.

Credit for the beautiful featured photo goes to Daniel Cheung