[Poetry] It’s Our Earth Day Too

I’ve called Earth home for more than 100 years
The largest of turtles, yet many of us have disappeared,
It’s our Earth Day too.

You love that I’m black, white, Asian, and cuddly,
If you love me, then why are there so little of me?
It’s our Earth Day too.

Beautifully brilliant blues, vibrant oranges and reds,
Bloody feathers of homeless macaws, lying on the ground dead.
It’s our Earth Day too. Continue reading “[Poetry] It’s Our Earth Day Too”

[Flash Fiction] A Dangerous Combination

She set down her backpack and stepped gingerly onto the rocks in the middle of the river. The current was gentle here, so it was as good a place as any to rest. Stretching out her skinny legs, she splashed her parched face with the cool refreshing water. They said she was crazy to think of running away.

“You got 434 acres of countryside that way and a highway that extends five miles the other way before you reach another house. Where you gonna go, girlie?” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] A Dangerous Combination”

[Poetry] White

Our leaves burned a brilliant gold,
But nobody heard us scream.

The axe glinted sharp and cold,
But nobody heard us scream.

Our writhing limbs set the sky alight,
But nobody heard us scream.

The world burned until it turned white,
And nobody heard us scream.

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[Flash Fiction] The Harmless Volcano

They believed the volcano to be extinct. They thought it was harmless, and welcomed the building of a city beneath it and the planting of crops on the fertile red volcanic soil.   

The day they heard the low drumming, steady and rhythmic under their feet, they wondered if they should leave their city.

“But the volcano will not erupt,” they reassured each other. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Harmless Volcano”

[Poetry] A Dance At Twilight

We danced at the end of the sun’s shadow where darkness crept at the brink,
Where all was still as the rays grew low just beneath the stars’ first blinks.
Our dance never lasted for long for the moonlight shone too bright,
But every day, for just one song, we danced before the night.

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[Flash Fiction] Burnt Edges

The world was on fire, and I didn’t lift a finger to stop it.

Because I was the one who lit the match.

“I don’t feel like we’re doing the right thing anymore,” my companion said, as he watched billions of screaming people desperately trying to run from the flames. Like cattle with no shepherd. Or cattle with their heads chopped off. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Burnt Edges”

[Poetry] The Last One


A long time ago, I trusted them. I trusted them to take care of my creations, and to protect my saplings from harm. It never occurred to me that my creations would need protecting from them.

A long time ago, I gave them life. I gave them the cleanest air to breathe, and the freshest food. I gave them shelter from the elements and wood to burn for warmth. It never occurred to me that they would refuse to put out the fire.

A long time ago, I gave them a chance. Now, I know better. Now, I’m taking back my last surviving tree. Now, I’m taking back the life I gave.

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[Flash Fiction] Timber!

“Now, I want this to be a peaceful family vacation, you hear me?”

They nodded their heads dutifully under their mother’s take-no-prisoners stare.

“I want to leave this beach exactly the way we arrived. Understood?”

They nodded again, their eyes cast downward.

“Okay, go play. Don’t forget to stay on this side of the rocks!” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Timber!”