[Flash Fiction] The Magical Thing

“JONES! Where is my prop?”

“Your prop, sir?”

“The metal thing with the thing in the middle. The magical thing!” The director wrung his sweaty handkerchief, his rolled up screenplay tucked under the arm of his rumpled sweater. “We’re shooting the scene where the hero pulls the sword thing from the middle and unleashes his dormant magical powers. WHERE IS MY MAGIC THING, JONES?” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Magical Thing”

[Criminal Minds Fanfic] Head Count

They expected a gruesome sight, but that didn’t prevent their stomachs from churning like they all rode the worst roller-coaster of their lives, the minute Agent Derek Morgan kicked down the suspect’s door.

The smell bombarded their senses, reeking of ripe feces and rotting flesh. Agent Kate Callahan, who was also in the early stages of her pregnancy, bolted to a nearby bush as everything she ate since seemingly the beginning of time, came pouring out. Continue reading “[Criminal Minds Fanfic] Head Count”

[Flash Fiction] Dominoes!

“Twenty bucks those poles collapse and all anyone sees on camera are the pillars falling like dominoes.”

Grace gave her co-star an aghast look. “There are crew members up there!”

“I’m not saying they’ll collapse NOW.”

Grace thought better than to reply. Still, there had been some unnaturally bad luck surrounding the filming of their movie. The filming had been delayed by odd sounds that interfered with the audio, random props going missing, and even a camera that combusted internally last week. Grace shook the thoughts out of her head as the cameras began to roll.
Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Dominoes!”

[Flash Fiction] Take 13


Loud stomps on the second floor of the chapel brought the filming to a standstill.

“Jones, bring me the idiotic PA that’s thundering around upstairs and fire him off my set now!” The director bellowed at his assistant, his dark hair an unruly mess from all the times he’d wringed it in frustration.

“This is the 11th time we’ve had to redo the scene,” Grace mumbled to her co-star, fanning herself in the heat. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Take 13”