[Flash Fiction] Different

“What’s up with the chair?” Jacob Fuller eyed the steel blue chair, a stark contrast to the plush armchairs positioned sporadically in his older brother’s bookstore.

“It’s different,” Jeff Fuller said, rubbing down the chair gently with a rag.

“Yeah, I can see that.” Jacob rolled his eyes. “But why is it different? Don’t these chairs usually come in a set or something?” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Different”


[Flash Fiction] Guardian Angel

Watching her writhing limbs, I knew every second counted when I plunged my arm through her stomach. A startled gasp left her lips as my iciness collided with her warmth. Squeezing the poison out, I sighed with relief as life poured rosy hues back into her cheeks. Her unsteady gaze took a minute to focus and when her eyes widened, I knew she was seeing the dazzling lights and my glowing white robes.

“Who…you?” The words tumbled out in a raspy breath. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Guardian Angel”

[Flash Fiction] The Last Two Occupants

A loud whoosh rattled the derelict hut as strong gusts spit out two boys, tumbling over each other in incoherent shouts.



The tangle of limbs separated and two pairs of eyes scanned their new surroundings. Grimy rags hung on metal rafters and mismatched books lined the walls. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Last Two Occupants”

[Flash Fiction] The Little Girl in the Back Seat

I’m sure that the little girl in that back seat was signing us…can you speed up a little bit?”

Devan rolled his eyes, but complied, edging closer to the boxy car in front.

“She’s spelling something.”

Devan started to reply with something along the lines of ‘you’re being paranoid, bro’, but stopped short when he saw the wide-eyed girl staring at him through the back window, feverishly moving her hands. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Little Girl in the Back Seat”

[Flash Fiction] Shadow

“…For the thousandth time, I promise you, it wasn’t me!” The black Labrador protested as the other shelter animals cackled away.

“Just ignore them.”

The puppy turned in the direction of the new voice. He couldn’t see it, but the voice belonged to a black cat lounging in the cage next to him.

“They keep saying my human mother returned me because of something I did, but I was a good boy! I swear!” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Shadow”