Special Guest: Cookie Monster (Aka The Versatile Blogger Award)

Come right in, everyone! We’ve got pizza over there, drinks over there, and enough cookies to satisfy Cookie Monster himself.

Today, we’re celebrating because this blog has one more shiny award to add to its collection! Thank you, Ally, for passing on the Versatile Blogger Award.


You guys know the rules by now, I’m sure—this award asks for seven facts about yourself. I’ve been using the same seven facts for these award posts (which are still true!) but in the spirit of celebration and virtual partying, let’s share some new tidbits, shall we? Continue reading “Special Guest: Cookie Monster (Aka The Versatile Blogger Award)”

For The Love Of Chocolate

It’s a restaurant with a chocolate theme.

It’s a Chocolate. Themed. Restaurant.

The best friend and I knew we could not consider our lives fulfilled until we came here. 

Cocoa Spiced Waffle Fries

The Best Friend: Cocoa? On fries

Me: And it comes wrapped in a newspaper! That is awesome.

The Best Friend: Okay Jade, focus. COCOA. ON FRIES. This is genius.  Continue reading “For The Love Of Chocolate”

Weekend Coffee Share: Baby Steps

Me: One Peppermint Mocha for you, One Green Milk Tea for me.

You: Green Milk Tea? Is your body even supposed to consume drinks that are green?

Me: It’s green tea blended with milk, and delicious. Besides, the person drowning their body in sugar shouldn’t be criticizing my drink.

YouDrowning in sugar…or drowning in flavor? I prefer to see it as the latter.

Me: *laughs* Well, I suppose that’s one way to ring in the new year. Continue reading “Weekend Coffee Share: Baby Steps”

Weekend Coffee Share: Rejections

You: It’s been so long since you called me for a coffee date, I was starting to wonder if we were still friends.

Me: *sighs* Life’s been a little overwhelming.

You: Mhmm. That’s why I took the liberty of ordering your favorite milk tea and I promise today, I won’t even nag you about how it’s basically a latte-wannabe and you should ditch your milky pretender and go for the latte.

Me: No nagging, huh? Continue reading “Weekend Coffee Share: Rejections”

Weekend Coffee Share: A June Pep Talk

You: *waves* You made it! I was beginning to think it would just be me and my coffee today.

Me: *plops into chair* Was held up by the MTA. Major subway delays and there was this ridiculous crowd of angry people pushing against each other for any train that came. I half expected someone to shout “THIS IS SPARTA”. I hate New York.

You: No, you don’t, you love New York.

Me: Ugh, I do love New York.

You: You’re like an old married couple with the city. There’s always something to bicker about – MTA delays, insane crowds, one stop down from Times Square and all of a sudden, you’re in a dangerous neighborhood – but at the end of the day, you’d never divorce New York. Continue reading “Weekend Coffee Share: A June Pep Talk”

[Poetry] The Sound of Home

Oven dings for oddly-shaped cookies
“We’ll never make these perfectly round, will we?”
Popcorn pop-pop-popping in the microwave
“That’s a lot of butter, aren’t you feeling brave?”
Theme song chiming, notes floating in the air
“The movie’s starting, hurry up and come here!”
Flopping on the sofa with giggles and sighs
“Stop making me laugh, I’ve got tears in my eyes!”
Silencing the world for one more memory
“Home’s always sounded like you and me.”

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] The Sound of Home”

[Poetry] SUSHI

She was the only one who
Understood why it was my favorite food.
She alone knew the role the little rolls played,
How they healed me and convinced me to stay.
If only you cared the same way.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Went Acrostic for Day 6 of NaPoWriMo. Prompt was food, and now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a sushi and sashimi plate calling my name.

Weekend Coffee Share: Teal Highlights & Baby Thor

You: You ordered a milk tea? Really? You might as well just order a latte.

Me: A latte? Really? You might as well just order milk tea.

You: Touché. So, excited for April?

Me: April’s scary. The weather warms up. There’s the pressure of having results from the New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone feels like they have something to prove.

You: Like that girl paying for her coffee? Wrinkle-free pantsuit, 5 inch pumps, hair pulled back in an immaculate bun and those gorgeous teal highlights. What’s she trying to prove? Continue reading “Weekend Coffee Share: Teal Highlights & Baby Thor”

[Flash Fiction] Mr. Potato Head in Traffic

“I’m going to kill your oversized potato head.” His wife gritted through her teeth as she did her breathing exercises in the backseat of their car.

Normally, he’d have a comeback, but seeing as how she was currently in labor and God knows how much pain, he thought it wise not to anger the love of his life.

Instead he opted to say calmly, “The traffic is insane right now sweetheart.”

“LISTEN TO ME YOU NACHO FACE.” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Mr. Potato Head in Traffic”

[Poetry] A Naughty Snack

I saw a house of bread.
A light shone from within.
It’d been so long since I’ve been fed.
My lips became a naughty grin.

I took a bite of the breaded house,
And grabbed some peanuts for the ride.
I drove away, a quiet mouse,
Then cackled madly, pleased with pride.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Written for Grammar Ghoul’s Writing Challenge. A quirky poem inspired by a quirky photo prompt, and 52 words exactly! 

Credit for the featured image goes to Carl Warner. 

Passports & Utensils

Inspired by a fellow blogger Maria’s response to the Daily Post prompt: Live to Eat. As they say with most feasts, the more the merrier, right?

Prompt: Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?

Passports out and Utensils ready! In no particular order…

1.  Hogwarts – The Chosen Meal

great hall feast

I can picture it now: taking a seat next to my fellow Ravenclaws, making quick friends with Luna (her quirkiness = hello, awesome friendship), and stuffing my face with every kind of delectable dish and treat imaginable, finally washing it all down with a cold goblet of pumpkin juice. Mmm. Continue reading “Passports & Utensils”