[Flash Fiction] The Hole In The Ground

The ground grumbled and shook the skinny trees cluttering the yard. Under one of these skinny trees was a hole, gradually enlarging as if an invisible person was digging it. A hand popped out, propping itself on the earth. With tremendous strength, as the veins bulged in its arm, the hand pushed itself, and the man it was attached to, out of the hole. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Hole In The Ground”

[Flash Fiction] The Magical Thing

“JONES! Where is my prop?”

“Your prop, sir?”

“The metal thing with the thing in the middle. The magical thing!” The director wrung his sweaty handkerchief, his rolled up screenplay tucked under the arm of his rumpled sweater. “We’re shooting the scene where the hero pulls the sword thing from the middle and unleashes his dormant magical powers. WHERE IS MY MAGIC THING, JONES?” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Magical Thing”

[Flash Fiction] Revenge

Leaning against a metal door, he paused to examine his scorched arm. The fire had eaten through god knows how many layers of his skin. Now that his adrenaline was slowing, he was finally registering the throbbing pain shooting up his arm.

A loud crash followed by a thunderous gust of wind echoed behind him. They were close.

Placing his uninjured hand on the floor, he willed the earth beneath to protect him. Obeying him, the ground cracked open and he jumped into a tunnel. If he was going to die, he would do it on his own turf.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Revenge”

[Doctor Who Fanfic] The Last Clue

He found the copper-tinted astronaut helmet half hidden behind a dusty bookshelf.

The first clue should have been how pristine the helmet looked, reflecting his face with a metallic glint.

The second clue should have been the velvet lining, instead of the authentic ventilation pads, that made wearing the helmet feel like resting his head on a pillow.

The final clue was the shadow, creeping up the neck of the helmet and clawing at his face. His body thudded to the floor. The helmet rolled off, revealing a cleanly eaten skull, and resumed its place propped up behind the bookshelf.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Doctor Who Fanfic] The Last Clue”

[Flash Fiction] 10:30. Rosewood Station.

I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into. But of course, he didn’t know. All he knew was the life he was leaving behind.

A life of pretending to be someone he wasn’t, of pleading with his parents to accept him. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] 10:30. Rosewood Station.”

[Flash Fiction] The Last Two Occupants

A loud whoosh rattled the derelict hut as strong gusts spit out two boys, tumbling over each other in incoherent shouts.



The tangle of limbs separated and two pairs of eyes scanned their new surroundings. Grimy rags hung on metal rafters and mismatched books lined the walls. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Last Two Occupants”

[Flash Fiction] No Trespassing

“I don’t see a ‘No Trespassing’ sign, ergo, we can trespass, right?”

The boys peeked through the castle doors and found themselves staring at arched windows and wooden floors that curiously still held a shine to them.

“What is that?” One of the boys pointed to an open book on the floor that looked like a geometry textbook gone wrong. He touched the mismatched shapes, and was yanked inside. “Wh-Help!” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] No Trespassing”

[Flash Fiction] The Case Of The Prejudiced Ghost

“Trey, tell me that’s not a skull.” The grey-haired detective stared at the half-buried cranium and proceeded to smack his partner upside the head. “Do you know what this means?”

“You’re no longer going to the Bahamas?” The young rookie replied, sure that a bruise was forming from all the times he’d been whacked. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Case Of The Prejudiced Ghost”

[Flash Fiction] Ten Minutes Ago

I stopped fighting ten minutes ago. I realized I was trapped fifteen minutes ago. I swerved off the road and into the polluted pond thirty minutes ago.

An hour ago, I was driving to my monotonous job in my beat up blue truck, like I had been doing for years. Ten years ago, I was dreaming about this moment where I thought I’d have made something of myself by now. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Ten Minutes Ago”