[Poetry] Broken Bricks

The first brick

The moment
You said hello

The second brick

The warmth
In your pale eyes

The third brick

Your hand cold
Like the thrill
Of the first snow
Catching my fingers
By surprise.

And now, I’ve lost count
Of the broken bricks
Of a sky-high wall
Lost in
A breathtaking

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[Flash Fiction] Starlight

“Let’s go into the creepy glowing room, you said.” She grabbed a handful of the green translucent wires hanging from the ceiling and tossed them behind her shoulder, smacking him in the face.

“Agh-!” He rubbed his sore cheek. “Baby girl, those wires actually hurt, you know.”


Chuckling, he slipped his fingers through hers and took off in a run. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Starlight”

[Poetry] Their Colors

As red as a wildfire, impossible to tame,
Or the curve of her lips when she whispered his name.

As blue as the ocean, calm and composed,
Or her eyes when he confessed he needed her most.

As purple as the amethyst hugging her finger,
On the day they promised each other forever.

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Farewell…And Hello

October is about trees revealing colors they’ve hidden all year.

People have an October as well.

-Jim Storm


Through my bedroom window, I see business people dressed in sharp suits, the men with immaculate ties and the women with their pumps click-clacking on the concrete.

Through my bedroom window, I see children with swinging ponytails and backwards caps leaving a trail of ice cream that sizzled in the heat. 

Through my bedroom window, I see the air muggy with heat, and the tempers barely holding together under the vengeful gaze of the sun. Everyone is too hot, too sweaty, too grumpy.

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[Poetry] Her Song

Her laugh was the melody
Wind chimes in the breeze
The harmony was the way she’d
Win every argument with ease
The chorus was the first time
She whispered she loved me
But my favorite part about her song
Was how it played for eternity.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] Her Song”

[Poetry] Best Friend

Life Raft-
In a sea of bad thoughts
Fresh Air-
In a room of smoke
Unwavering heart-
Among disbelievers
Stifled Laughs-
Among inside jokes
Sun’s Rays-
Breaking through the clouds
Cool Rain-
Cleansing through the soul
Sticky Tape-
To put the pieces together
Other half-
To make me whole.

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[Poetry] The Sound of Home

Oven dings for oddly-shaped cookies
“We’ll never make these perfectly round, will we?”
Popcorn pop-pop-popping in the microwave
“That’s a lot of butter, aren’t you feeling brave?”
Theme song chiming, notes floating in the air
“The movie’s starting, hurry up and come here!”
Flopping on the sofa with giggles and sighs
“Stop making me laugh, I’ve got tears in my eyes!”
Silencing the world for one more memory
“Home’s always sounded like you and me.”

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[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] A Few Things That Make Me Laugh

“The truth is, if anything, I’m probably addicted to laughter.”

-Robin Williams


Silly faces and jokes with puns
And silly moments with my best friend
And a child’s amusement, so carefree,
And comedians – the witty ones
My best friend’s clumsiness before I lend a hand
And clever jokes of my favorite shows,
And inside jokes between my best friend and me
And all the silly moments in life to combat the lows.

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