[Poetry] I Wish…

I wish you held my hand
Because it was held out for you,
And I wish you’d let me understand
That you were hurting too.
I wish I read more closely
All the clues you left behind,
And if you knew how you have helped me,
Could I have helped you too in kind?
But most of all, I wish your soul
Broken and cracked it was with pain,
Is resting now, at peace and whole
And that you never hurt again.

© Jade M. Wong 2017 Continue reading “[Poetry] I Wish…”


[Poetry] My Baby’s Mad At Me


She’s mad at me for leaving our home,
She said I had promised to never leave her alone.

But baby, life happens, and when it does,
Gotta take a deep breath and trudge, trudge, trudge.

She cursed at me, the picture in the frame,
She spent nights awake, weeping with the rain.

But baby, no one weeps harder than I up here,
I, who wants nothing more than to dry your tears.

She cried again, kneeling on the grass,
Baby it’s time to move on, what’s past is past. Continue reading “[Poetry] My Baby’s Mad At Me”

[Harry Potter Fanfic] After All This Time? Always.

“Here ya go, hons.” The waitress approached the group in their corner table and passed around their beers with ease. Mumblings of thanks rose from the group. “Hope you don’t mind me asking, but what’s with the robes?”

They looked like young death eaters in their billowing black robes and high collars. They knew they were attracting wary stares from the rest of the pub-goers, but they were too distraught to care.

“We lost a friend today,” one of them, a frizzy redhead, spoke. Continue reading “[Harry Potter Fanfic] After All This Time? Always.”