[Flash Fiction] Blue Fire

First, the fire burned a steel gray, like the cold unrelenting metal around her finger.

Then, the fire turned to amber—not the warm golden that comforted her in Autumn, but a dark rusty yellow that made her think of factories, long abandoned.

Slowly, the fire glowed a rich crimson, until she could feel the heat emanating from its core and threatening to sear her skin. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Blue Fire”

[Flash Fiction] A Different Planet

Her little fingers pressed each key carefully. “Daddy, when is mommy coming home? I want her to hear me play.”

Her voice was as melodious as the simple nursery rhyme she was practicing on the piano. “Not for a long time, sweetheart, but Daddy’s listening. ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’, right?”

“It’s mommy’s favorite.” She paused at the off-key note. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] A Different Planet”

[Flash Fiction] Return To Sender

Spring cleaning had a tendency to unearth past lives she spent years forgetting. Staring at the raggedy shoebox, she felt the lock on the memories turning in her mind.

She picked up the London postcard with the bright red double decker bus. She didn’t have to turn it over to remember what was written on the other side. Before the memories of riding through the city with his hand in hers could escape the lock in her mind, she pushed the postcard aside. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Return To Sender”

[Poetry] The Empty Room

Sometimes, we’ll do everything we can not to see the signs.
They can be flashing neon, but we’ll still choose to be blind.

Sometimes, we’ll refuse to hear the voices in our heads.
They can be loud and shrill, but we’ll tune them out instead. Continue reading “[Poetry] The Empty Room”

[Poetry] My Secret

I was once a fool in love
Who gave you the greatest secret I owned.
You were once one foot in love
Who turned my great secret to stone.
I am now a woman wiser in love
Who keeps her secret under lock and key.
He is a man truly in love
Who guards my secret unwaveringly.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] My Secret”

[Poetry] Blue

Our love was blue,
Like the blue of his eyes
Like the tears that fell
When we waved goodbye.

Our love was blue,
Like the blue of the oceans
Like the way our hearts
Unraveled in slow motion.

Our love was blue,
Like the blue of sapphires
Like the sky that burned
After we lit the fire.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] Blue”