“Home Is Far Away” by Epik High

Have you ever been stunned at how perfectly a song captured exactly what you were feeling at that exact moment in your life and you wondered if the songwriters were somehow watching you because how else could the song be so emotionally perfect?

And then you replay the song over and over because it’s exactly what you needed to remind you that you are not alone, your feelings are valid, and not to give up.Read More »

[Poetry] Asian-American

When I was a child, being Asian-American meant breaking wooden chopsticks over a noodle lunchbox, sunny yellow dresses to bring out the sunny yellow of my skin, and laughing with my colorful classmates because we didn’t know yet we were different.

When I grew older, being Asian-American meant seeing for the first time my father’s oil-stained hands from days of toil, and my mother’s quiet strength as she built a home in the middle of a strange language.Read More »