[Flash Fiction] Safe House

I heard the roar of his motorcycle before I saw him, quieting to a murmur as he parked beside the shed. I knew he would use the overrun bushes nearby to hide his bike and I heard the crinkle of the leaves as he walked to the door. Five steps separated his bike from the door and I counted them in my head.

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[Flash Fiction] Collide

What happens when a beat-up old truck runs over a giant plastic heart?


“I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” He struggled with the red door of his truck, cursing its rusted hinges.

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[Poetry] Stuck

In my story, without a doubt,
She was my favorite chapter.
Perhaps that’s why, I still can’t
Make myself read past her.

In my story, we were fantastic,
Like fireworks in the night.
Perhaps that’s why, no one else
Will ever feel as right.

© Jade M. Wong