[Poetry] A Postcard From The Other Side

10 o’clock on a New York night,
Surrounded by fairytales and city lights,
I hope this postcard finds you well—
Me? Well, things are finally feeling right.

I watched that musical we wanted to see
Of witches and magic and defying gravity,
You were right, I cried and loved it so—
And in that moment, I set you free.

In the stars, our story will always shine,
A glimpse of all that is rare and divine,
But time moves on and so must I—
Thank you, my love, for being mine.

© Jade M. Wong 2017 Continue reading “[Poetry] A Postcard From The Other Side”


[Flash Fiction] The Magical Thing

“JONES! Where is my prop?”

“Your prop, sir?”

“The metal thing with the thing in the middle. The magical thing!” The director wrung his sweaty handkerchief, his rolled up screenplay tucked under the arm of his rumpled sweater. “We’re shooting the scene where the hero pulls the sword thing from the middle and unleashes his dormant magical powers. WHERE IS MY MAGIC THING, JONES?” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Magical Thing”

[Poetry] What We Could Be

He could be the reason I learn to love mornings,
The way the sun plays with the shadows,
The way he smiles when I open my eyes.

I could be the reason he stays up all night,
The way the moon lights up our dance floor,
The way we laugh until sunrise.

We could be each other’s first,
First love that endures past tomorrow.
We could be the happy ending,
But now we’ll never know.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] What We Could Be”

[Flash Fiction] Cupid’s Park

I fell so deeply for you, my love,
For you were my angel, sent from above.

A couplet adorned the entrance, inviting visitors to Cupid’s Park. Bright green vines hugged the stone pillars on either side. Winding paths and arching trees presented vibrant roses with colors so striking, everyone whispered of magic. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Cupid’s Park”

[Flash Fiction] Fire & Air

He trudged through the courtyard, as his fellow students scurried out of his way. He was stupid for thinking this school would be different than the others.

Plopping down on a bench near one of the courtyard’s stone lanterns, he jumped when a girl fell out of a tree next to him.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”

“You didn’t scare me. You just…caught me off guard.” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Fire & Air”

Sticky Spell: A 52 Word Microstory

“How did you manage to get that”—the party planner pointed to the illuminated tree chandelier hanging above the table—“up there?”

“A sticky spell, duh,” her assistant said.

A loud suction sound filled the dining hall as the tree plopped off the ceiling.

“You mean a sucky spell!”


© Jade M. Wong 2016

Tree Chandelier In Kathryn Hall Vineyard (Image Credit unknown)Submission to Grammar Ghoul’s Shapeshifting 13 #56 Writing Challenge .

[Flash Fiction] Fit For A Fairy

“Blend in, they say.” A graceful flick of her wrist and a vine of bright green leaves slid down the brick wall.

“Don’t attract attention, they say.” Another flick and vines of maroon and scarlet followed, entwining playfully around each other.

“Well, I say, the bolder the better!” She raised her hands high above her in a final hurrah and leaves of brilliant gold and violet scurried down the walls of the little house, weaving through each other in a colorful mosaic. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Fit For A Fairy”