[Flash Fiction] Blue Fire

First, the fire burned a steel gray, like the cold unrelenting metal around her finger.

Then, the fire turned to amber—not the warm golden that comforted her in Autumn, but a dark rusty yellow that made her think of factories, long abandoned.

Slowly, the fire glowed a rich crimson, until she could feel the heat emanating from its core and threatening to sear her skin. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Blue Fire”


Plan A: A 52 Word Microstory


She took a deep breath, filling her mind with the calming waters of the beach.


She exhaled slowly, trying to slow her heart’s rapid beating. Continue reading “Plan A: A 52 Word Microstory”

The Timer: A 52 Word Microstory

He heard the clicking of the footsteps as if they were a drum pounding the pavement. It was behind him, dressed in a black trench coat and a scarred face. It never spoke a word to him, but he knew.

The timer had started on the rest of his life.



© Jade M. Wong 2017 Continue reading “The Timer: A 52 Word Microstory”

Sticky Spell: A 52 Word Microstory

“How did you manage to get that”—the party planner pointed to the illuminated tree chandelier hanging above the table—“up there?”

“A sticky spell, duh,” her assistant said.

A loud suction sound filled the dining hall as the tree plopped off the ceiling.

“You mean a sucky spell!”


© Jade M. Wong 2016

Tree Chandelier In Kathryn Hall Vineyard (Image Credit unknown)Submission to Grammar Ghoul’s Shapeshifting 13 #56 Writing Challenge .

[Flash Fiction] The Case Of The Prejudiced Ghost

“Trey, tell me that’s not a skull.” The grey-haired detective stared at the half-buried cranium and proceeded to smack his partner upside the head. “Do you know what this means?”

“You’re no longer going to the Bahamas?” The young rookie replied, sure that a bruise was forming from all the times he’d been whacked. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Case Of The Prejudiced Ghost”