[Flash Fiction] The Magical Thing

“JONES! Where is my prop?”

“Your prop, sir?”

“The metal thing with the thing in the middle. The magical thing!” The director wrung his sweaty handkerchief, his rolled up screenplay tucked under the arm of his rumpled sweater. “We’re shooting the scene where the hero pulls the sword thing from the middle and unleashes his dormant magical powers. WHERE IS MY MAGIC THING, JONES?” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Magical Thing”

The Muse Takes Over (aka The Sunshine Blogger Award)

For ME?


From one Sunshine Blogger to another, I thank you kindly, Angela Campbell!

Also, apparently, there are questions.

1) What inspired you to initiate blogging?

Muse: *click clacks on my laptop* Writer human! What is this WordPress that other writer humans are frequenting?

Me: It’s a blogging thing. You create a blog, you share writing, you get feedback. Why?

Muse: No reason. Do you prefer Jade Wong or Jade M. Wong?

Me: M. We talked about that, didn’t-

Muse: DONE!

Me: What? What’s done? What did you do?

Muse: First post hmm…oh! A Toast! New year, new poem!

Me: MUSE, OH MY GOD. Continue reading “The Muse Takes Over (aka The Sunshine Blogger Award)”

Superheroes, Cuddly Aliens, & Ghost Rider

There were so many reasons to love September, and I’m giving the spotlight to my inner fangirl for this post so she can gush a little about the reasons why she loved September:


Okay, so this movie actually came out in March but it took my Batman-fanboy of a friend six months of persistent nagging before I finally succumbed to watching it.

*Cue incoherent hyperventilating fangirl screams AHHHH*

wonderwoman Continue reading “Superheroes, Cuddly Aliens, & Ghost Rider”

[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Her Miracle

“I’m sorry she never got her miracle.”

“She did get her miracle, Landon, her miracle was you.”

-Nicholas Sparks, A Walk To Remember

Ask anyone about a miracle, and you’ll start a debate. They exist, they don’t exist, they’re the big shockers in life, they’re the little things every day.

Ask her about a miracle, and she knows exactly what she would say: all of the above. Because her miracle was him. Continue reading “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Her Miracle”

Four Fact Survey

Just when I think I’ve got this lateness thing under control, I blink and it’s been a month since Fernanda over at Mystery Date With A Book tagged me with this survey.

Without further procrastination-


1) Jade (as it is my alter-ego pseudonym)
2) Complete Real Life Name (which I can’t reveal because that defeats the purpose of having an alter-ego pseudonym)
3) Miss! (Because that’s easier for kids to say than, well, anything else)


10 things
1) 10 Things I Hate About You
avengers fury
2) The Avengers

Continue reading “Four Fact Survey”

The Secret Life of a Blogger

It’s been a millennium and a half since Bookish Girl in a Boring World first tagged me. And then, Life happened.

baymax 1

Better late than never. *Cracks knuckles* *Sips tea* Let’s get started, shall we?

1) How long have you been a blogger?

Well, let’s see, according to my archives… 

I’ve been blogging on-and-off since 2012 on prior blogs that have now turned to dust in The Cyberspace Graveyard, but Life has a way of kicking my butt and it’s only this year that I’ve finally been blogging regularly. I’d like to think that Life and I are now more reluctant dance partners than bitter enemies.

2) At what point do you think you will stop?

hp never

3) What is the best thing? Continue reading “The Secret Life of a Blogger”

Weekend Coffee Share: Teal Highlights & Baby Thor

You: You ordered a milk tea? Really? You might as well just order a latte.

Me: A latte? Really? You might as well just order milk tea.

You: Touché. So, excited for April?

Me: April’s scary. The weather warms up. There’s the pressure of having results from the New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone feels like they have something to prove.

You: Like that girl paying for her coffee? Wrinkle-free pantsuit, 5 inch pumps, hair pulled back in an immaculate bun and those gorgeous teal highlights. What’s she trying to prove? Continue reading “Weekend Coffee Share: Teal Highlights & Baby Thor”

[Flash Fiction] Mr. Potato Head in Traffic

“I’m going to kill your oversized potato head.” His wife gritted through her teeth as she did her breathing exercises in the backseat of their car.

Normally, he’d have a comeback, but seeing as how she was currently in labor and God knows how much pain, he thought it wise not to anger the love of his life.

Instead he opted to say calmly, “The traffic is insane right now sweetheart.”

“LISTEN TO ME YOU NACHO FACE.” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Mr. Potato Head in Traffic”

[Flash Fiction] Dominoes!

“Twenty bucks those poles collapse and all anyone sees on camera are the pillars falling like dominoes.”

Grace gave her co-star an aghast look. “There are crew members up there!”

“I’m not saying they’ll collapse NOW.”

Grace thought better than to reply. Still, there had been some unnaturally bad luck surrounding the filming of their movie. The filming had been delayed by odd sounds that interfered with the audio, random props going missing, and even a camera that combusted internally last week. Grace shook the thoughts out of her head as the cameras began to roll.
Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Dominoes!”

[Flash Fiction] Take 13


Loud stomps on the second floor of the chapel brought the filming to a standstill.

“Jones, bring me the idiotic PA that’s thundering around upstairs and fire him off my set now!” The director bellowed at his assistant, his dark hair an unruly mess from all the times he’d wringed it in frustration.

“This is the 11th time we’ve had to redo the scene,” Grace mumbled to her co-star, fanning herself in the heat. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Take 13”

Because Baymax (aka The Inspiring Blogger Award)

MORE PRETTY THINGS! Courtesy of dreamsbrightascitylights, I’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Couldn't resist reusing because Misha and Jared throwing confetti is always relevant
I’ll be reusing this gif a lot because Misha and Jared throwing confetti is always relevant

Let’s get right with the fine print, shall we? Continue reading “Because Baymax (aka The Inspiring Blogger Award)”

Rule-breaking (aka The Liebster Award)

The Liebster award? Aw shucks, floodingaugust, you shouldn’t have, but since you did, allow me to graciously accept your nomination.

I promise, I have non-Supernatural gifs in my arsenal! Somewhere!
I promise, I have non-Supernatural gifs in my arsenal…somewhere…

Alright, let’s dot those i’s and cross those t’s. Continue reading “Rule-breaking (aka The Liebster Award)”