[Poetry] Pretty

She says she’s not pretty
But if only she knew
The way I bite my lip
When she smiles with hers
The way she teases me
Like a taboo.

She says she’s not pretty
But then her eyes lock on mine
And in them I see
Every reason I need
To know why I lived
All this time.

© Jade M. Wong 2017 Continue reading “[Poetry] Pretty”

The Muse Takes Over (aka The Sunshine Blogger Award)

For ME?


From one Sunshine Blogger to another, I thank you kindly, Angela Campbell!

Also, apparently, there are questions.

1) What inspired you to initiate blogging?

Muse: *click clacks on my laptop* Writer human! What is this WordPress that other writer humans are frequenting?

Me: It’s a blogging thing. You create a blog, you share writing, you get feedback. Why?

Muse: No reason. Do you prefer Jade Wong or Jade M. Wong?

Me: M. We talked about that, didn’t-

Muse: DONE!

Me: What? What’s done? What did you do?

Muse: First post hmm…oh! A Toast! New year, new poem!

Me: MUSE, OH MY GOD. Continue reading “The Muse Takes Over (aka The Sunshine Blogger Award)”

[Poetry] True Power

They thought they were the powerful ones
Wielding metal without mercy
Brandishing fire that burned.

Then the smoke cleared and the weapons fell
They clawed for air that wasn’t there
Oh, how the tables have turned.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] True Power”

[Poetry] The Empty Room

Sometimes, we’ll do everything we can not to see the signs.
They can be flashing neon, but we’ll still choose to be blind.

Sometimes, we’ll refuse to hear the voices in our heads.
They can be loud and shrill, but we’ll tune them out instead. Continue reading “[Poetry] The Empty Room”

[Poetry] Eternal

Isn’t it crazy how something as simple
As a pen and ink and paper and words
Can turn reality upside down
And make the silence be heard?

Isn’t it crazy how something as finite
As words and paper and ink and a pen
Can immortalize most anything
And make it last until the end?

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] Eternal”

[Poetry] A Muse In A Dark Place

For many days, my pen lay still,
Broken of hope, broken of will,
The ink ran dry, the page lay bare,
As blank as my reflection’s stare.
In the dark, they started to perish,
My art that I had so long cherished,
But as I lay there in the void,
I slowly returned what had been destroyed.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] A Muse In A Dark Place”

[Poetry] Tu Sei Quello Che Amo | You Are The One I Love

Al mondo tu sei diabolico, intrigante, e furbo,
Ma a me tu sei angelico, amabile, e incantato.
Al mondo tu sei fatale, pericoloso, e nocivo,
Ma tu sei la persona unica che mi dai sicurezza.
Al mondo tu sei disonesto e bugiardi,
Ma sempre tu dici me la verita.
Al mondo tu sei ribelle,
Ma a me tu sei un dirigente.
Al mondo tu non sei buono abbastanza,
Ma a me tu sei tutto.

To the world, you are diabolical, scheming, and sly,
But to me you are angelic, lovable, and enchanting.
To the world you are fatal, dangerous, and harmful,
But you are the only person who makes me feel safe.
To the world, you are dishonest and a little liar,
But you always tell me the truth.
To the world you are a rebel,
But to me, you are a leader.
To the world, you are not good enough,
But to me, you are everything.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] Tu Sei Quello Che Amo | You Are The One I Love”

[Poetry] Black Star

Attracted – to you like a
Black Hole – pulling me out of my orbit
Clusters – of brilliantly lit stars
Dying – fading one by one
Gravity – is slowly collapsing while you’re
Lightyears – away in safety
Mars – red hot anger, it’s a war between
Novas – exploding across
Outer Space – did you think you were safe?

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] Black Star”

[Poetry] Ode To The Girl With The Flowery Handwriting

And the lavender scented stationery,
On which you have composed beautiful words,
Dancing to a song so familiar and sweet,
Yet I am sure of it I have never heard.
Tied daintily like a precious treat,
The pink silk ribbon in a little bow,
Do you plan for you and I to ever meet?
Miss Mystery-and-Intrigue that I do not know?
Perhaps, perhaps, oh how you tease me!
As I run my fingers over your stationery,
Tracing the letters you’ve weaved just so,
One day, this secrecy, I will unfold.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

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Muse, Are You Reading This?

So, my muse is pretty pissed off at me. I’m not sure how your muse looks like, but mine’s a little fairy of a thing. Thin arms, tiny hands, sarcastic sense of humor, brilliant mind. She’s been with me as long as I can remember, always sending me bits of inspiration at inconvenient times.

Like that moment just before my head hits the pillow. Or that groggy, zombie-like moment when the alarm first rings. Or basically every moment of every day no matter what I’m doing. At least, she used to.

You see, I started neglecting my muse after awhile. Even though she kept sending me ideas, I stopped writing them down. Actually, I stopped writing entirely. And eventually, my muse got fed up with me and left. Continue reading “Muse, Are You Reading This?”