[Poetry] Victim

The first time I saw her
I knew I would hand her
My heart on a silver platter.

The first time she saw him
She gave everything to him
And my heart became the victim.

© Jade M. Wong


[Poetry] Special Someone

Dark curls, gray eyes
Always honest, never lies
Crisp jeans, cotton shirts
A gentle touch that never hurts
Sharp mind, cautious heart
A love he’ll never tear apart.

© Jade M. Wong

[Poetry] Stuck

In my story, without a doubt,
She was my favorite chapter.
Perhaps that’s why, I still can’t
Make myself read past her.

In my story, we were fantastic,
Like fireworks in the night.
Perhaps that’s why, no one else
Will ever feel as right.

© Jade M. Wong

[Poetry] Their Colors

As red as a wildfire, impossible to tame,
Or the curve of her lips when she whispered his name.

As blue as the ocean, calm and composed,
Or her eyes when he confessed he needed her most.

As purple as the amethyst hugging her finger,
On the day they promised each other forever.

© Jade M. Wong