[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] What Do I Know?

‘”We could change this whole world with a piano
Add a bass, some guitar, grab a beat and away we go
I’m just a boy with a one-man show
No university, no degree, but lord knows
Everybody’s talking about exponential growth
And the stock market crashing and their portfolios
While I’ll be sitting here with a song that I wrote
Saying, love could change the world in a moment
But what do I know?”

— Ed Sheeran, What Do I Know? —

Of all the songs in Ed Sheeran’s new album, this is the one that stayed with me, and I wanted to share the lyrics with you guys for this week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday. 

We may not all be musicians, but that’s not the point, is it? The question here is, what do know? And this is what I know… Continue reading “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] What Do I Know?”

Blue Skies & The Wind in Your Hair

In all my years of living in New York, I have never stepped foot in Staten Island.

Queens? I know it like the back of my hand.

Manhattan? Love.

Brooklyn? Bronx? Sure.

But Staten Island? That place across the water where no subway lines connect to? Uh…brain does not compute.

Cue the Staten Island Ferry! Continue reading “Blue Skies & The Wind in Your Hair”

[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Whispers At Midnight

You are my life and my death.
And I like you.
Thus, I keep this secret
And ask Heaven for permission.
May you not know for one more day.
May you not know for 100 years more.



I have a secret I will not speak of
Except in whispers at midnight
When the world is a shadow
That turns a deaf ear
And the star-studded sky is my light.

Before the sun meets the stars
I ask the Heavens this-
May he not know for one more day
How my heart has loved him by his side
And how I dream of his kiss.

© Jade M. Wong 2017 Continue reading “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Whispers At Midnight”

Weekend Coffee Share: Baby Steps

Me: One Peppermint Mocha for you, One Green Milk Tea for me.

You: Green Milk Tea? Is your body even supposed to consume drinks that are green?

Me: It’s green tea blended with milk, and delicious. Besides, the person drowning their body in sugar shouldn’t be criticizing my drink.

YouDrowning in sugar…or drowning in flavor? I prefer to see it as the latter.

Me: *laughs* Well, I suppose that’s one way to ring in the new year. Continue reading “Weekend Coffee Share: Baby Steps”

Farewell…And Hello

October is about trees revealing colors they’ve hidden all year.

People have an October as well.

-Jim Storm


Through my bedroom window, I see business people dressed in sharp suits, the men with immaculate ties and the women with their pumps click-clacking on the concrete.

Through my bedroom window, I see children with swinging ponytails and backwards caps leaving a trail of ice cream that sizzled in the heat. 

Through my bedroom window, I see the air muggy with heat, and the tempers barely holding together under the vengeful gaze of the sun. Everyone is too hot, too sweaty, too grumpy.

But me? Continue reading “Farewell…And Hello”

[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] The World Is Ours

“I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.” 

-Gandalf, The Hobbit


Late night drives and midnight ice-cream
Running down sidewalks chasing moonbeams
Watching the sun paint the world with gold
Holding the only hand I’ll ever need to hold
Fluffy pancakes drizzled with chocolate
Counting the raindrops, every glittering droplet
Rambling conversations whispered under the stars
In this moment in time, the world is ours.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] The World Is Ours”

[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Escape

“I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question.”

-Harun Yahya


This way! That way! Which way? Wait, where?

Just cordial commands, because they care,

So I packed my things,

And I stretched my wings,

And off I flew in search of fresh air.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Escape”

[Writers Quote Wednesday] Maybe I’m The Fantasy

“I have too many fantasies to be a housewife. I guess I am a fantasy.”

-Marilyn Monroe

When I was born, they had my life planned out for me. It was the life of all the girls that had come before me.

When I was a child, they taught me to say “please” and “thank you”. They taught me to slow down when I ran like the wind and to smooth out my yellow sundress because it shouldn’t be wrinkled.

When I was a teenager, they taught me that two cups of water for every one cup of rice was the most important math formula I needed to know. They taught me that I didn’t know what I wanted in a boy, and that I was not to worry because they knew the perfect boy for me when the time came. Continue reading “[Writers Quote Wednesday] Maybe I’m The Fantasy”

3 Quotes, 1 Day, Part 2

Last week, I did the Three Quotes Challenge, and today I’m doing a sequel to it because

1) I hoard quotes like Smaug hoards gold…


2) Fellow blogger Annabeth was the first to nominate me weeks ago for the challenge but I completely forgot about it…

Continue reading “3 Quotes, 1 Day, Part 2”

Day 3 Quote: Writer vs. Brain Surgeon

“The beautiful part of writing is that you don’t have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon.”

-Robert Cormier

Wrapping up this Three Quote Challenge with a little humor. This quote always makes me feel better when I find myself struggling with a first draft that makes me second guess every decision I’ve ever made thus far. Don’t doubt yourself, guys! And be grateful you’re not a brain surgeon. Continue reading “Day 3 Quote: Writer vs. Brain Surgeon”

Day 2 Quote: Stranger. Darker. Better.

Doctor Who

So I love Doctor Who, in case this totally cool page on my blog didn’t give it away. This is one of my favorite quotes from the series, and it constantly motivates me to live my life the way I want to, huge dreams and all. I hope this encourages you never to settle for less than everything you want. Because this world truly is big enough for your biggest dream. Continue reading “Day 2 Quote: Stranger. Darker. Better.”

Day 1 Quote: Can You Hack It?

“You can’t force art? BULLSHIT. Can too! Sometimes, you gotta. Does that make me a hack? Then fuck it. I’m a hack. But I’m a hack who’s making art and you’re an artist who can’t hack it.”

-Chuck Wendig


I usually don’t post profanity, but sometimes, you need to use words most people don’t like to use to deliver a message most people don’t like to hear. This isn’t the first time I’ve posted a Chuck Wendig quote, but the guy knows what he’s talking about. Sometimes, we need a little bit of tough love. Continue reading “Day 1 Quote: Can You Hack It?”

[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] “I Sense Colors In You…”

“I sense colors in you. They’re strong and beautiful…and sad. I wondered what your colors were for a long time. They’re the colors of the sunset…the blazing shades of a sunset that burn just before the darkness sets in.”

-Kira, MARS by Fuyumi Soryo

This week’s Writer’s Quote is taken from a Manga series called MARS, which remains to this day one of my favorites. Not sure how many fellow bloggers out there read manga or are familiar with this series, but as this quote indicates, it’s a story about pain, beauty, art, and growth.

I always find myself coming back to this quote in particular. Why? Because this quote reminds me of the light and the darkness that plagues our everyday lives. And this quote reminds me that there is still brilliant beauty in all that pain. That being strong doesn’t mean nothing hurts you, rather, being strong means you feel every ounce of that pain but you don’t let the darkness put out your light. Continue reading “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] “I Sense Colors In You…””