[Flash Fiction] A Dangerous Combination

She set down her backpack and stepped gingerly onto the rocks in the middle of the river. The current was gentle here, so it was as good a place as any to rest. Stretching out her skinny legs, she splashed her parched face with the cool refreshing water. They said she was crazy to think of running away.

“You got 434 acres of countryside that way and a highway that extends five miles the other way before you reach another house. Where you gonna go, girlie?” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] A Dangerous Combination”

[Flash Fiction] The Final Act of Defiance

She switched out the delicate white wedding gown for the black lace dress with the high bodice. Because this was far from a wedding. This was a funeral, as far as she was concerned, a funeral where she would lay her identity, her freedom, to rest.

The silence in the wedding hall when she stepped out from the grand double doors was resounding. Numerous pairs of eyes swept up and down her body, from her dark hair sloppily tied in a bun, to her meek bouquet of pale blue hydrangeas, to her bare feet. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Final Act of Defiance”