Until Next We Meet…

It is the fate of most writers, I think, to live a double life, to balance the responsibilities of Real Life with the dreams of Writer Life. Unfortunately for this writer, the Real Life Responsibilities demand extra attention and the dreams of Writer Life are just that…dreams. At least for now.

Which brings me to this post: I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from WordPress for a few months. I have a deadline of sorts to meet in my Real Life and it’s been harder than I anticipated to balance everything.

I don’t plan to be absent completely; I’ll pop in every now and then to read and comment on your blogs, but I won’t be posting any new writing for the time being. I’ll still be on Twitter—the inner fangirl needs a place to, well, fangirl—and Instagram, where I’ll be sharing lots of old poetry and occasional snaps of Real Life. I plan to end my hiatus in December, just in time for the holidays!

I wish you all happy reading, happy writing, and happy living. Until next we meet…



[Poetry] Sea of Sad Songs

With no land in sight
Perhaps, it’s better to sink.
To hear something other than the noise
Of every thought I think.

You were my life raft
My reason to be strong.
I wonder how long it’ll take
To drown in this sea of sad songs.

© Jade M. Wong 2017 Continue reading “[Poetry] Sea of Sad Songs”

[Poetry] Bleeding Lines

I never could see her soul through her eyes—
They were thick opera curtains that never budged,
Never giving light a chance to pierce through.

But light always finds a way—
Illuminating her veins down to her fingertips,
Until every word she wrote breathed anew. Continue reading “[Poetry] Bleeding Lines”

[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Mermaids Have Wings

For a while

I had this idea
That I lived in a world
Where I was free

And for a while

There was no
Thinking about
What they thought of me

And for a while

I was exactly the self
That I wanted to be.

—Mermaids have wings, For a while—

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Say Whaaat? (aka One Lovely Blog Award)

It’s come to my attention that schlee93 has nominated my blog for the One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you, schlee93, very much! It seems this is both of our first nominations so congratulations to you too!


Now onwards to the nitty-gritty rules and guidelines: Continue reading “Say Whaaat? (aka One Lovely Blog Award)”