[Poetry] Existence

I have ink in my veins
And blood in my words,
I have a voice behind this pastiche of a life,
A voice that is dying to be heard.

I have verses in my heart
And a heartbeat in my pen,
I have a raft fashioned from rosewood and paper,
That has saved me again and again.Read More »

[Poetry] The Night I Went To The Carnival

I remember the laughter of children,
Racing under neon lights,
And the scent of nearby hydrangeas,
Permeating through the night.

I remember the taste of cotton candy,
Melting sugary sweet on my tongue,
And the apples swimming in caramel—
The carefree diet of being young.Read More »


Remember not to compare yourself to strangers on the internet. 

Remember not to let the numbers—of likes, of followers, of zeros on a check—make you feel like you are less than, because you are not. You are absolutely enough. 

Remember that J.K. Rowling used to be a single mother, depressed and trying to survive on welfare benefits, while the Harry Potter series was rejected by 12 different publishers.

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