[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Writers and Poets

We live in a world where writing ages like wine. Sometimes it takes years or even centuries to mature.

But if history has shown us one thing, it is the merit of writers who spoke the language of the people. Who have taken poetry out of the shadows and into the light.

Writers and poets who are ahead of their time.

They are the ones whose works will endure.

—Lang Leav, Writers and Poets—

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You: So, let me guess, you finally heard from the magazines you submitted work to earlier this year?

Me: Yup.

You: Hmm. Judging from the fact that you’re not hyperventilating in excitement, I take it the news is not good?

Me: Nope. Continue reading “Rejections”

[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Bleed

“The work in which she is most remembered is the work in which she bleeds.”

-Meghan Duam

Writing is one part putting words in front of each other, like picking the perfect partners for a dance, one part shuffling the sentences around like rearranging the musical score for that perfect melody, and one part breathing life into the story like a song pumping to the rhythm of our hearts.

Writing is like conceiving; it’s easy, it’s fun, we put words down on paper in any which way that intrigues us and turns us on. Bringing the story to life is like giving birth; that’s the hard part, to willingly put ourselves up for all that pain and understanding that the long nights and early mornings will never be the same. Continue reading “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Bleed”