[Poetry] An Elegy For Them

This poem…

Is for the child
Sprinting through the crimson streets
Tripping over the last breaths
Of her father

For the mother
Protecting her babies’ ears
From the piercing shrieks that echo
Long after the ashes settle Continue reading “[Poetry] An Elegy For Them”

What Happens Now?


My little boy looked at me and I wondered how a nine-year-old could have galaxies in his eyes.

“Momma,” he whispered and I shushed him, hugging him to my chest. I caressed the soft mocha skin of his cheek.

“It’ll be alright, little one. Nothing will happen to you.” Was that true?

I didn’t know. All I knew was the love I saw in my little boy’s eyes and the lengths I would go to protect it.  Continue reading “What Happens Now?”